Guarantee / RMA Support

Interesting if your company:

Wishes to increase service level to local partners in Russia / CIS

Wishes to outsource reverse logistics to a 3pl partner

What does RusImport provide?

A customer oriented infrastructure, which relieves all parties from the hassle related to guarantee & sample shipments. RusImport:

– acts as the importer of record on behalf of the Supplier
– performs customs clearance
– delivers to the receiver. 

Guarantee support structure overview

Start the Guarantee / RMA support structure overview


RusImport acts as importer of record for the product required in Russia. The product is transferred by the Supplier to RusImport free of charge.


Supplier has own customer service, which is contacted by Russian customers in case a product breaks down (guarantee), or a sample is required (sample shipment). When the Supplier decides that the product is indeed within warrantee terms or a sample is indeed required in Russia, the Supplier’s customer support employee books this into the the system and provides instructions to RusImport.


RusImport imports the products into Russia, pays import duties and VAT, and stores the parts in our warehouse in St. Petersburg (optional) until RusImport receives indications from Supplier to perform an RMA delivery or to deliver the sample to the final Customer.


As per instructions of your customer support employee, RusImport shall perform any of the following actions:

  • Shipment by courier who arranges the RMA swap at the address indicated by your customer, or delivers the sample

  • Shipment to one of the 130+ drop-off points throughout Russia where the RMA swap will be made (only for RMA deliveries)

  • Cash refund to the customers and collecting the broken part from the customer (only for RMA deliveries)


The In- and Outbound parts are registered, updated, and shown in the RMA management system, or provided in monthly reporting (can be custom designed as per wishes of client).


As per instructions of Supplier, the replaced (broken) part can be discarded in Russia, or collected for consolidation in the warehouse in St. Petersburg for return shipments to the Supplier on a regular basis.

Result: a stable, transparent, and sustainable infrastructure to send guarantee or sample parts to your Russian customers, which is in line with local and EU legal/financial policies. 

Why is this good for your company?

1. To fulfill service contracts in a compliant way.


2. To remain in control over service level without compromising compliancy.


3. To set up a local stock for efficient delivery times, also for relatively small shipments.


4. To optimize your Supply chain without substantial investment in resource knowledge.


5. Fixed costs of the setup are limited so it mainly costs something when you use it.


6. Cooperation is not exclusive, you can work directly with certain customers as well.


7. Calculations are transparent, so cost calculations can be performed efficiently.